Organic Moringa Oil

We offer Pure Organic Moringa oil by unique cold press expelling method to ensure the quality which is suitable for making value added products like Skin Care lotions, Sunscreen creams, Medicated oinments and for valuable internal and external applications.


  • Genius Moringa Oil is Pure , Odourless , Transperant oil
  • Moringa oil is wonderful cosmetic remedy for skin care
  • It Moisturizes the skin and hair and gives proper Nourishment with its emollient properties and soothing effects
  • It is very good for skin and hair and has good cleansing properties. it has been used as many skin applications like Lotions , Ointments, Suncreen lotions, Facial Mask etc
  • Moringa oil removes ageing marks and cures skin nutrition depletion and cares skin very much
  • It has High Content of Oleic acid and it easily penetretes into skin layers and maintains the skin texture

Available Packing :
200 ml, 1 litre & 5 litre
Silver coated Aluminium Cans

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